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Our culture is the heartbeat of our organisation. It’s built on a foundation of trust, kindness and harmony. It encourages open communication, collaboration, and creativity, and it empowers everyone to take ownership of their work and make a meaningful impact. It is a catalyst for innovation, growth, and positive change, creating a ripple effect that extends beyond our organisation. At our company, we are not just about supported housing; we are building a vibrant community of passionate and dedicated individuals who are committed to making a positive impact in our society.


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Best Team Culture Awards Winner!

We are thrilled to announce that Apax has been honoured with the Best Team Culture Award at the prestigious UK Company Culture Awards! This recognition is a testament to our collective commitment to fostering an inclusive, supportive, and dynamic workplace. Each member of our team has played a vital role in building a thriving culture. This award inspires us to continue our efforts in making Apax a truly exceptional place to work and a commitment to strive towards becoming a values-driven enterprise.

Why you should join our team

Values driven enterprise

We operate with a clear set of guiding principles and values which guide our decisions and working practices. We place social responsibility and stakeholder interest at the forefront of what we do.

Residents step-downs & move-ons

We feel humbled to have one of the highest rates of resident step-downs to lower supported housing, and move-ons to independent living in our sector. Helping people to help themselves is our aim.

Premium housing with exceptional assisted living

Our properties rate among the highest in standards and premium housing, whilst providing exceptional support and assisted living evidenced with validation in the Quality Assessment Framework.

Digital, paperless, agile

Our digital transformation has placed us in a unique position to become paperless, agile and nimble in the way we operate and thus, quickly adapt to change and provide value for all our stakeholders.

Open feedback, reflective & consultative culture

These features of our culture foster continuous learning and improvement through active listening, collaboration and cooperation. It promotes a positive environment and strengthens team dynamics.

Pay scale framework

Our pay scale framework is a structured approach that promotes fairness, pay equity and transparency in compensation which motivates our people to perform at their best.

Residents digital inclusion

We aim to bridge the digital divide and create equitable opportunities for our residents. We are working towards digital homes, such as by providing bedsits with digital electric smart meters and free WiFi.

Emails are passé

As the world transforms rapidly towards digitalisation, our various platforms provide more efficient and collaborative ways of working, making the use of internal emails passé in many contexts.

Non-hierarchical, flat organisation

A structure where employees have equal opportunities to contribute to the decision-making process. This promotes collaboration & inclusivity and values everyone's suggestions and fosters creativity.

We are committed to building and developing diverse teams so that we can better understand and serve the multifaceted cultures and identities of our clients. DIVERSITY is to respect everyone from all background, race, age, gender or religion who make our community. Through EQUITY we allow equal access to opportunities, fair treatment, and resources. And INCLUSION is the way we hear, recognise and value everyone for who they are whilst creating a sense of belonging. For us, what we look for in people is what connects us, rather than what divides us.

Our Career Path to realise your potential

Our support services department provides and cultivates a long career path to reallise your potential towards management and leadership.

1. Recovery Support

The first level entry to a career in our support department where your training and development will commence.

5. Accommodation Manager

With a number of accommodations, list of residents, and a team under your management. It's like running your own company!

2. Recovery Coordinator

With your own caseload of clients, you can really start to make a difference to the lives of vulnerable adults.

6. Area Leader

Overseeing and managing a team of Accommodation Managers and porfolio of supported housing in a geographical area.

3. Senior Recovery Coordinator

The start of your journey towards management with a taste into operational responsibities.

7. Regional Leader

We are not large enough yet to have Regional Leaders who manage Area Leaders in a region of the the country.

4. Deputy Manager

One step away from running your own accommodation with operational responsibles and training in leadership.


Meet Miria, from Recovery Coordinator to Learing & Development Lead

Working at Apax since 2014 has been a thrilling journey where I had many opportunities to grow from Recovery Coordinator, to Senior Recovery Coordinator, to Accommodation Manager, and now the Learning & Development Lead. In this regard, Apax funded my CIPD qualification and had faith in me to make a lateral move to start a Learning & Development department. Through the years I felt listened to, empowered with initiatives, given flexibility after my maternity, and supported with training and qualifications that enabled my career progression. The values and working principles of Apax not only resonates with me, but also has given me even greater sense of purpose and fulfilment. ~ Miria