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We live by our values

and principles


We strive for excellence to improve ourselves, transform services, enhance lives and advance society.

Our Values

Values illuminate individual and collective actions to forge a bond which unite our people. As we continue to make and learn from our mistakes – which is inevitable – the aspiration to transform towards a values-driven organisation forms the cornerstones of our identity.

United we Shine

Unity in diversity creates collectiveness, as it is in music where many different notes blend together in the making of a perfect symphony.

Strive for Excellence

We are passionate about what we do and dedicated to pursue excellence, which is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.

Sparks of Kindness

We endeavour to fan the spark of kindness in everything we say and do inspiring countless other positive qualities to emerge.

Humility is Power

When seedlings thirsting for growth are watered with a humble attitude, we become agents of change for progress.

Continuous Learning

To learn and not stagnate, to refine and steer new heights, is a constant steady drive to materialise the change we aspire to see.

It's Right to be Fair

What we hold in trust for others will be shaped by our fairness to them. The strength of our relationships are upheld on justice.

Our People, our Partners are our Strength

Our people and partners are of tremendous value and strength, we treasure them as a mighty drop in the vast ocean.


Meet Charles, from Recovery Coordinator to Support Services Leader

I give an indebted appreciation to Apax for the opportunities of assistance that has accentuated my career progression over the past few years. I started my career at Apax as a Recovery Coordinator in 2015 and then I was promoted to the Housing Options Officer. My career prospects were soon progressed with an opportunity to become Accommodation Manager. With unmeasurable training opportunities available, I progressed to my current role as the company’s Support Service Leader. I am highly grateful for the chance to contribute to society through the confidence that Apax strives to make a genuine difference in the health and social care sector. ~ Charles 

Our Working Principles

Our whole Manifesto, including Working Principles, provide a framework for action, decision-making and working practices that contribute to creating a positive culture. Our Principles can help to create operational efficiencies and enhance individual and organisational reputation.

The Power of Consultation

Non-adversarial, non-competitive, non-judgemental way of decision-making and working based on the spirit of fellowship and unity.

Meaningful Reflection

The habit of reflective practice generates insights and knowledge capable to draw power from lessons necessary for progress.


Cultivating a culture that promotes positive character traits and behaviours lead to stronger relationships and build a culture of trust.

Symphony of Efficiency

A search to sail on calm waters where no time is wasted, and pain points & blockages, that restrict operational efficiency, are removed.

Data Integrity

As a digitalised company, accuracy & integrity of data is fundamental to ensuring that our systems remain as a single source of truth.

Synchronise, Synergise, Systemise

Synchronise thoughts, values etc; synergise joint effort greater than the sum of its parts; systemise lessons learnt, processes in systems.

Cooperate to Collaborate,Collaborate to Cooperate

Our mission would be submerged in spoil if working together isn't cooperative & collaborative in purpose, vision, thought and action.

I am proud to provide a testimonial for this exceptional company. From the first interaction, it was clear that they are committed to providing the highest level of service to their clients. Their attention to detail and thoroughness in their work is impressive and their professionalism is unmatched. They consistently meet and exceed expectations, delivering quality results on time. Our team is knowledgeable, experienced, and dedicated to the success of our clients. I highly recommend Apax and look forward to working here in coming years. ~ Israa

Our Capabilities

We are committed to continuously adopt innovative approaches. We will make mistakes; it’s bound to happen. Albeit, by striving to learn and to be creative, we aim to provide a unique value proposition to all our stakeholders.

Values Driven

Values and culture are linked. The crucial step is to live our values. Upon values people are built and upon people society is built.

Learning Organisation

Learning in action is the outstanding feature of how we operate, as we learn to create the conditions that are conducive to growth.

Quality First

Our stakeholders deserve nothing less than the best and dedication to quality illustrates our continuous drive towards excellence.

Customer Obsessed

Customer satisfaction is the currency of our company which takes changing our language from “me” to “we” and from “I” to “us”.

Harness Digitalisation

Digitalisation allows us to enhance agility, efficiency and data-driven decision-making to improve performance in unique ways.

Simplicity Seeking

Being effective is about creating a path to services that's simple and straightforward. In all things, the supreme excellence is simplicity.


I have been with Apax since 2013 and from day one, I have felt incredibly supported by the company. Every day presents a new challenge that has helped me to grow as a professional. Working here is truly enjoyable, as it is an open, friendly and, above all, innovative company where you can achieve so much. Being part of such a fantastic team has made me truly appreciate my job and motivates me to keep moving forward. Apax kindly funded various professional qualifications which has helped me to progress with my career continously. It has been an absolute pleasure be part of this organisation all these years. ~ Aaron